Vulnerability Assessments

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Despite the security industry's heavy focus on Penetration Testing and Red Team services, expertly managing your organization's vulnerabilities remain a critical component in your overall security posture. More and more companies are choosing to perform their own in-house vulnerability scans on a regular interval but oftentimes find themselves overwhelmed with the resulting data output from the scanning utilities. 

Why choose Security Illusion for your vulnerability assessment needs?

  • You either aren't utilizing a vulnerability scanner in your environment or do not currently have a vulnerability management program (hint...we can help you create one!)
  • If your team is overwhelmed with the seemingly endless stream of vulnerabilities found in their own scanners and they don't know where to begin
  • If you are unsure if a vulnerability found on a system is truly vulnerable or merely a false positive
  • To learn about which vulnerabilities, even though they might be listed as critical in your vulnerability scanner, are useless to malicious attackers unless other requisite conditions are met
  • Risk Acceptance and Risk Mitigation:
    • You can't always patch everything. Some systems run legacy software that is crucial to the fundamental operations of your business which may not have a patch available or patching the system effectively breaks it.
      • Security Illusion can help you continue to operate securely in these all-too-common situations
  • Internal compliance requirements state that a third-party company must conduct your vulnerability assessments on a regular basis
  • You desire the added value of having expertly-trained penetration testers with real-world experience comb through your vulnerability data to contribute the much-needed perspective on your security posture.
    • Can seemingly low-rated vulnerabilities be chained together to create a surprisingly sophisticated attack? Our experience can help answer these types of questions about your environment and existing vulnerabilities.

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