Cyber Security in Los Angeles


Cyber Security in Los Angeles: Our Guide

Los Angeles is a city which has classically been all about beach life, sun, and fun; little is discussed in regards to cyber security. With a whole lot of tech companies deciding to make the jump from San Francisco to Los Angeles, there's a huge influx of exciting new developments from many perspectives. The large talent pool, the large number of startups and well-seasoned companies, and the potential for things to go wrong. By "going wrong" we mean cyber security vulnerabilities being taken advantage of. You never know who may be lurking, waiting for the perfect opportunity when your guard is down. Our job here at Security Illusion is to help your company remain as secure as possible through a variety of testing methods. One of our favorites here at Security Illusion is the act of penetration testing. We focus on putting your website, app, databases, etc... to the test with a large number of brutal, simulated attacks to prevent any and all areas which may become compromised over time. Los Angeles is a golden opportunity for both the entrepreneurs who set up shop there and the malicious hackers who want to exploit any and all information you possess. Let's focus on growing the former and eliminating the latter together!

L.A. is a Tech Capital

Being that L.A. is a tech capital in the grand scheme of SF, NYC, London, etc...; there are a number of reasons to enact proper cyber security measures throughout your organization. The primary reason being quite obvious, you don't want your valuable data and systems compromised! Nothing is worse than waking up one morning to an alert from one of your IT managers notifying you of a data breach. The legal process, the paperwork, the issuance of emails admitting you neglected security protocols and allow said data breach to occur. This is truly a nightmare we can prevent! Trusting Security Illusion with your cyber security efforts is a great first step towards seeing phenomenal success and protection from some of the most dangerous cyber criminals in the world.

Many Businesses Need Better Cyber Security

You may think your cyber security is top-notch, and it very well may be, yet would it hurt to explore if there are further vulnerabilities your in-house team has yet to discover? It's always good to have a second set of eyes look over your internal operations from a cyber security perspective. Just as you may request a second opinion from your doctor to be truly sure of the diagnosis (or lack thereof), you'll want to apply the same principle to your cyber security efforts.

Regardless of Your Business' Niche, You'll Benefit

It does not matter if you're in the carpet industry or a biomedical science field. If you're online and possess valuable user information (credit cards, health info, addresses, etc...) you're going to need excellent cyber security. If you choose not to engage in preventing hacks and malicious intent, you run the risk of seeing severe backlash later on down the road. Being proactive, rather than reactive, with your Los Angeles based business and its cyber security is the key to success!

Choosing Security Illusion for Your Cyber Security Needs

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