PCI DSS Compliance

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Through our penetration testing services, we work closely with our clients to ensure that they achieve full compliance with the latest PCI DSS standards. This includes assessing all of the systems and networks connected to the Cardholder Data Environment (CDE), both internally and externally, while undergoing an additional evaluation to ensure appropriate segmentation of assets are not only in place... but effective.

Our PCI DSS Compliance testing is commonly bundled with our other services, such as Internal & External Network Penetration tests and Web Application Assessments.

In addition, we provide our clients with the necessary documentation they might require to validate their regulatory compliance. Some of the documents and deliverables that we commonly provide our clients with are:

  • Letter of Attestation (LoA)
    • A letter stating that a penetration test was performed by Security Illusion, a summary of the testing scope, and a highly-sanitized list of vulnerabilities identified.
  • Customer-Facing Document (CFD)
    • Similar to an LoA, customers of our clients tend to request proof that penetration tests were performed and that any vulnerabilities identified were properly remediated. You'll receive possession of this document to distribute to your customers at your discretion.
  • Findings Report
    • This report is typically only shared with your company and your staff internally, as it outlines the specifics of the assessment, the exact vulnerabilities or exploitable conditions leveraged, and the level of compromise that Security Illusion achieved.
    • The findings report is customized to each of our clients' preferences and modified to best fit their specific use case.

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