Network Penetration Testing

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As our core penetration testing service offering, Security Illusion's network penetration tests include every server, device, workstation/endpoint, web application (and beyond...) within the scoped network. Our penetration testers take pride in their ability to identify connections between seemingly insignificant vulnerabilities or misconfigurations and chain them together to creatively (and rather epically) compromise networks.

External Network Penetration Test

Beyond your dotcom business domain website, your internet-facing assets experience a constant onslaught of attack attempts due to their global accessibility In some cases, a compromised external system may serve as a pivot point that allows a malicious actor internal access to your network, effectively turning the scheduled "External" penetration test into an "Internal" one.

Security Illusion conducts a comprehensive asset discovery and subsequent attack simulation of your external network presence, effectively keeping you one step ahead of the bad guys.

We tend to find a lot of:

  • Insecurely Configured VPN gateways

  • Lack of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA/TFA/MFA)

  • Default Credentials

  • Mismanaged Firewall Configurations

    • Excessive Services and Ports Accessible from the Internet

    • Access to the "Whoops, that's not supposed to exposed to the internet!"-devices -- like surveillance cameras, printers, and Wi-Fi routers.

  • Unpatched / Neglected company assets that weren't on any of the "updated" asset tracking spreadsheets or network diagrams. You can't secure what you don't know exists...

Internal Network Penetration Test

Our internal network assessments test for vulnerabilities that allow malicious actors (or disgruntled employees, for that matter) to gain an initial foothold on your network, then horizontally and laterally move/pivot through your servers, workstations, and other connected devices. For Security Illusion, achieving the "Domain Admin" status is only the beginning. We set custom goals with our clients to ensure that their most precious and valuable assets, such as specific databases, systems, or Cardholder Data Environments (CDE) are adequately protected against a targeted internal attack.

With our custom and goal-oriented penetration tests, we often begin the testing from various starting points by the request of our clients. Some examples include:

Starting as...

  • ...a completely unauthenticated attacker with no advanced or privileged knowledge of the network. Plug into an open network jack and go!

  • attacker that already possesses a single set of lower-privileged user credentials.

  • ...a local admin for a system located on an (allegedly) isolated VLAN.

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