Vulnerability Management: A How-To Guide


Vulnerability Management: Our Guide

Vulnerability management is one of the best foundational steps to begin your journey into cybersecurity protection of your website, app, database, etc… Without this crucial step in the cybersecurity workflow, you’ll find yourself taking one step forward two steps backwards every time you begin to make progress. Read on to learn more about how with the help of Security Illusion’s vulnerability management techniques, practices, and methodologies; you;ll find your digital presence secure and well situated amongst the daily onslaught of cyber attacks.

What is the Definition of Vulnerability Management?

The definition of vulnerability management within the cybersecurity world is as follows: managing information security on a constant basis to ensure your vital information is protected as such. There are four main components to a proper vulnerability management strategy and they consist of discovery, reporting, prioritization, and response. Throughout this post, we’ll be discussing the aforementioned aspects of an excellent vulnerability management strategy set forth by Security Illusion.

Vulnerability Management Best Practices & Methodologies

Every great system needs great processes and steps behind it and with our excellent vulnerability management tactics, we’re able to offer you and your company the ability to avoid malicious attacks and cyber threats on a daily basis. As each day passes, there are new vulnerabilities present throughout a number of different platforms. We’re here to help discover each and every one of said vulnerabilities.

Discovery & Rediscovery of Vulnerabilities

The discovery process is something we take very seriously. We perform an initial examination of your website, app, database, etc… and develop a comprehensive report of all of our findings. The exhaustive list will include anything and everything we come across which may pose a cybersecurity risk to your digital presence. We leave no stone unturned.

Vulnerability Reports

Within our vulnerability reports we provide an initial overview of all issues we discover and additionally provide in-depth, extremely detailed subsets of all weakened areas. This way, you’ll find our vulnerability reports shareable with everyone amongst your company ranging from top executives all the way to your in-house IT department. We want the information to be both easily digestible and simultaneously technical.

Prioritizing What’s Important in Vulnerability Management

After we assess all areas of vulnerabilities and provide our comprehensive report, we’ll set a stringent list of priorities to best reduce risks and vulnerabilities in the most efficient and effective way possible. This process of knocking out top-tier vulnerabilities and working your way down the list has proven to mitigate the costliest, potential vulnerabilities and provide you and your users unprecedented cybersecurity.

Risk Response in Vulnerability Management

Risk response is the second portion of a vulnerability management process. Remediation, mitigation, and acceptance are the three tiers of a risk response. Ideally, remediation and mitigation are the best ways to conduct vulnerability management, while acceptance is something we want to actively avoid.

What’s Included with Vulnerability Management Services?

Pen testing (or penetration testing) is typically not included with vulnerability management cybersecurity services. This is primarily due to the fact there vulnerability management is composed of scanning and locating areas of your systems which require such remediations as a patch or a specific condition. Pen testing on the other hand is where we actively attempt to exploit weaknesses within your systems through whitehat hacking methods and then proceed to offer resolutions for said weaknesses.

Define Continuous Vulnerability Management

Continuous vulnerability management is where systems are set forth to continuously provide regular data similar to an audit of your systems. The data itself is only as accurate as your last data pull. What this means is you’ll certainly have to have regular analyses performed in order to assess risks through accurate data sets.

Laying a Strong Foundation for Your Vulnerability Management

When you choose to engage in a vulnerability management strategy for your company’s cybersecurity, you’re making the right choice. In today’s day and age, vulnerability management is something you can’t push to the wayside. It must be an active component within your overall cybersecurity strategy. If you’re interested in learning more about how Security Illusion can assist with vulnerability management, feel free to contact us below and we’ll be sure to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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